Why consider Covenant Court? 

A common bond of faith allows rapport to flow through Covenant Court, resulting in a surprising quickness to share concerns, develop friendships and celebrate life. It offers quiet, security and peace of mind among like-minded seniors.

Live-in Manager and other amenities

Beth Belcourt, Live-in Manager

Beth Belcourt, Live-in Manager

Covenant Court has a live-in Manager to provide security and peace of mind in case of emergencies, a weekly tea in the communal Garden Room, monthly cake parties and dinners or fun evenings on special occasions for all residents. A guest suite is available to residents at a reasonable cost. There is secured ground floor parking and generously appointed lockers plus a workshop for those so minded.

Strata Council

Covenant Court is governed by a Strata Council and by the Christian Reformed Seniors Housing Society. Residents annually elect the Strata Council. In addition, residents who own their suite under a Life-lease comprise the membership of the Society. They annually elect a Board of Directors.  The Board consists of 5 Directors, 3 of whom are elected by the residents and 2 are appointed by the Tapestry Church next door.  The building is looked after by a professional Property Management company. 

You may want to consider living at Covenant Court if:

  • You like the idea of living in and being part of a caring community

  • You would like a place that requires very little maintenance or upkeep

  • You like the idea of socializing with peers and having activity options nearby

  • You enjoy a place that permits pets.